Cooking and Creating

Does the world need another vegan food blog?

Probably not.

But my life does.  Cooking, baking and writing used to be creative outlets for me. In high school, I combated the stress of the SATs and college admissions essays by spending weekends in the kitchen whipping up new cookie recipes. In college, I battled social anxiety armed with a tray of vegan brownies and an expanding cookbook collection.  While pursuing a college degree and a dance career in New York, I found clichéd sanctuary in the city’s many overpriced coffee shops, where I always did my best writing (and drank the best soy lattes).

After getting married two months before my 20th birthday, I found those moments harder to come by. Writing became a way to pay the bills and, unless you are among the blessed few, the kind of writing that buys you groceries, is not often the kind of writing one does as creative release. I continued cooking and baking, but sticking to a grocery budget tighter than a hipster’s pants left little room for recreational kitchen experiments.

Now, after moving to a new town far from my beloved, expensive Manhattan streets, starting a business and having a baby, it’s time to make time. I need an outlet for no-pressure writing, cooking, creating, eating, and sharing;  a place where I can wax poetic about root vegetables, sing the wonders of scones, and defend tofu to the ends of the earth. If you’re like my husband and prefer your bacon wrapped bacon covered in bacon, stick around! I promise not to preach. No one likes a preachy vegan. Plus, there will be cookies. And everyone likes cookies.

Check back for new posts each week. Come October, expect daily recipes, product reviews, and musings on broccoli* as part of Vegan Month of Food (VeganMoFo). In the mean time, catch me on Twitter and Pinterest.

*Kidding–kind of. Broccoli is a beautiful thing.


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