VeganMoFo and Paula Deen

Hello, veggie loving friends!

Tomorrow kicks off Vegan Month of Food–a project that involves hundreds of bloggers writing about vegan food every day throughout the month of October. Typically, VeganMoFo bloggers choose a theme, like a certain ingredient or type of dish, to guide their posts. Since this is my first year MoFo’ing, I’ve decided to have both NO THEME and ALL THE THEMES, simultaneously. 

You can expect. . . 

  • At least one original recipe each week
  • A vegan dining guide for my remarkably vegan unfriendly local area
  • An NYC vegan dining guide or round-up from my trip later in October
  • A restaurant review or two
  • A cookbook review or two
  • Generalized advice for new vegans/vegetarians
  • Haikus about sprouts, if I run out of further inspiration

and the project I’m most looking forward to. . . 

“Veganizing” at least one Paula Deen recipe each week. For my Paula Deen Goes Vegan project, I’ll choose one recipe from the queen of butter’s website or television show and attempt to replicate it using only plant based ingredients. To make things more challenging, I’ve decided the recipe must include at least two varieties of animal products. I’m hoping this project will 1) help folks realize that vegan food and comfort food are not mutually exclusive and 2) help me further my ambition of growing up to be a (a less diabetic), vegan Paula Deen. 

I’ll also be posting recipes for a lot of lighter, healthier fare this month, if you’re on a low-Paula diet, as most human beings should be. 

There are some great bloggers participating in this year’s Vegan Month of Food. Make sure to check out the blog roll! I’m looking forward to the next thirty days of sharing the veggie love! 



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