A Simple Fall Pasta

We eat a lot of pasta around here. When my husband and I were first married, he claimed to hate pasta, mostly because he hated pasta sauce. I started serving it to him with a simple garlic-lemon sauce, lots of herbs and fresh veggies and now he eats it so often we call it “Pasta Graham.”

A couple of days ago, I roasted a butternut squash with lots of salt and black pepper, but had no main course prepared and limited time. I ended up tossing it with whole wheat penne noodles, fresh spinach and chickpeas, topped with my usual lemon-garlic-olive oil sauce and plenty of crushed red pepper.


Simple, nutritious, and satisfying on a crisp autumn day.


2 thoughts on “A Simple Fall Pasta

  1. Yummm. That sounds so simple and good. I don’t like red sauce either so I’m always excited to see pasta without it!

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