Veggies ‘n Things is about two things:

1) Vegetables. They are delicious and healthful and I wish more people embraced their awesomeness.

2) Other foods not involving animal products, including  baked goods and all kinds of things made with flour and sugar and other things that vegans supposedly can’t or don’t eat.

I believe food should be nourishing, enjoyable and fun. No side dishes of steamed guilt, please. Why steam when you can pan fry, anyway?

I also believe in eating what make you feel best physically and mentally. For me, this means maintaining a vegan diet. For you, it might mean eating tons of cheeseburgers or something. Either way, I hope you find something worthwhile on this blog– inspiration to try a new veggie, bake your first cake, or just take more time to savor something scrumptious from your own kitchen.



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